“You won’t own anything and you’ll be happy”, apparently.

Agenda 21, the Great Reset and the world Covid-19 pandemic swindle.

This essay, article, short story, whatever you choose to call it is purely a rant from me about what I see happening in the world at the moment and the way I interpret it. I offer very little evidence for what I am saying here, in fact one could write it off as a conspiracy theory, it’s just what I am observing. I live in the UK so anything I say here is in my perspective as a UK citizen and what I am observing here. Any facts I put in here will have been researched at the time of writing and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also urge you to do your own research, whether to disprove me if you don’t agree with me or if you do find what I am writing intriguing, find out for yourselves to help with the struggle against what I believe is happening.

Thanks for reading.

Brendan Jeffreys
November 2020

Well 2020 has been a hell of a year. Lockdowns and face masks to save us all from dying from the unbelievably contagious, totally deadly Covid-19 virus that reportedly started in Wuhan, China in late 2019 and spread like wildfire across the world and killed tens of millions of people affecting every single family across the world…………………

Wait, hang on………….

This is what was forecast by our great and good leaders and their scientist advisors but it hasn’t quite panned out that way has it?

At the time of writing, November 14 2020, the “Global Covid-19 pandemic” has been a part of our global lives for just about a year now. During that time official figures show that there are now 1.3 million deaths from Covid-19. Does that sound high to you? Yes it does until you check the world population. Again, at the time of writing the global population stands at 7.8 billion. Does it still sound high to you?

What if we look at those figures another way. 1.3 million as a percentage of 7.8 billion is……..

Wait for it………

0.01667% of the global population have died of this unbelievably contagious, deadly virus or turned around that’s 99.9833% of the global population HAVEN’T died.

In the UK the figures are pretty much on par. The UK population is 67.8 million with a death rate at the time of writing of 53,274 that had tested positive in the 28 days leading to their deaths, potentially meaning that you could die of anything else in those 28 days but it will be marked down as Covid-19. Percentage wise, that calculates as 0.0785% death rate or 99.92% of the UK population HAVEN’T died. The Daily Mail printed a story this week about a window cleaner falling from his ladder and dying and getting registered as a Covid-19 death.

But surely that can’t be right can it? Please, before we go any further, go and check the figures. See for yourself. I appreciate that you’ll be reading this at a later date so the figures will have changed but remember that the British government foretold of catastrophic death rates in a few short months across the world and that everyone was at risk.

Have you checked? Good, we can carry on.

So where are we now? The UK is still in lockdown, the Government has secured 355 million doses of a rushed vaccine that promises 95% survival rates from a virus that already has a 99.98% none death rate. They could inject you with water and claim success. Just a thought, the UK has a population of 68 million, why do we need 355 million doses? One does wonder about share ownership of Pharma companies in the government, but that is only me wondering, no accusations here.

Incidentally, ten years ago we wouldn’t be in a pandemic, it wouldn’t have met the criteria. During the Sars virus big pharma developed a rushed vaccine for that which the UK government couldn’t wait to start pumping into our arms. What is is about the British that make us stick our hands in the air and shout me, me, me when anyone asks for volunteers? When I was in the Army I was told to volunteer for nothing and rightly so, it never ends well. Anyway, after hundreds of children were poisoned and given lifelong narcolepsy https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5104623/ the big pharma had to withdraw it but it turns out at the expense of the UK taxpayer. What is it about us? It also turned out that the Sars virus turned out to be a bit of a lame duck and there was no need for a vaccine. That was when big pharma approached the WHO and got them to change the criteria for a pandemic from number of deaths to number of cases. Brilliant, now they just need to wait for a winter flu bug and hey presto you have a pandemic. The BBC has now stopped announcing the cases of Covid-19 and have changed to corona virus which basically means the common cold or flu. Everybody gets a cold in the winter! Also the test that is being used, the PPC, is a proven flawed way of testing. Even the inventor of this test said it should never be used for this purpose because it can give so many false positives. It is not what it was invented for.

Also, as far as I can tell, most of Europe is going back into lockdown, apart from Sweden of course. So Sweden must be picking bodies up off the streets then? You’d have thought so if the UK scientists that are advising our government are to be believed but apparently not, their death rates are plummeting and they are carrying on pretty much just as normal. Swedish death rates at the time of writing are 6,321 out of a population of under 10.2 million. Percentage wise that’s a death rate of 0.06197% or 99.93% of the population haven’t died. I believe there was a small uptake of face masks but nowhere near the enforced muzzling across the rest of Europe. Just to add to this, my wife was in school with a guy who married a Swedish woman and went to live there. They have two young daughters and are very happy there. My wife’s friend let her know this week and he and his wife both came down with Covid-19 last week. As there is not really a home delivery style shopping service as we have in the UK they had to let the neighbours know and ask for their help. They left money outside and a list of what they needed. The neighbours did the shopping, came in to the house to put it all away. Made sure they were all ok and the little girls were fed and happy and even did some cleaning for them. Within three days they were both well enough to carry on with their lives and get back to work and all the neighbours are all still perfectly healthy. You can take your own conclusions from that.

The USA is also on par with the rest of the world with their death rate. They are at 250k deaths from a population of 332 million which puts the death rate at 0.0753% or 99.93% HAVEN’T died. Also, the CDC in America has actually admitted that 94% of those deaths involved people with underlying medical conditions https://www.rochesterfirst.com/coronavirus/cdc-says-94-percent-of-covid-19-deaths-in-us-had-underlying-medical-conditions/

If we were to extrapolate that 94% across the world, just for fun eh, that would mean that of the 1.3 million deaths 1,222,000 of them were of people with underlying medical conditions. Now I’m not trying to say that any life lost isn’t sad, of course not, but does it merit a world lockdown and the destruction of the global economy? You may disagree with me but I say no.

The next question has to be; well if things aren’t as bad as they predicted why aren’t they lifting the restrictions and letting us get back on with our lives? The economy is in tatters. I bet the UK is almost bankrupt with businesses going out of business, lower tax revenues and the furlough scheme paying the wages of people forced to stay at home while they “save the NHS”, and God only knows how much the vaccine will cost from Pfizer, a company incidentally that was fined by the UK government for overcharging the NHS https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38233852 , so why aren’t we back at work trying to save the economy and the 2 million jobs that have been lost in the UK?

The day we got locked down I instantly said it’s crap and it’s all to do with climate change and global warming. This did not go down well with my wife or brother with whom I had some major arguments. Eventually I stopped as it was upsetting everyone around me and I had no evidence to support anything I was saying.

I must admit that after that I did start to wonder if I was wrong and I did start to get a little concerned about my family and me. I work in the food industry and so I have worked straight through the lockdowns with a couple hundred people on site every day. The company has done their best to implement precautions against cross contamination but it’s impossible to fully protect and to be honest after a while we just started carrying on as normal. None of us have died. A couple got bad flu symptoms and one got very ill and was put on a ventilator and unfortunately hasn’t been able to return, however, there is a big debate about those ventilators and how much damage they do and they shouldn’t be used for Covid-19, but that’s another story.

After a while I started to go back to my initial ideas of what it’s all about, climate change and then I found out about Agenda 21. Now if I mention Agenda 21 to any of my friends or colleagues they roll their eyes as if it’s a conspiracy theory and just won’t listen, but it’s not. It’s an actual document written by the UN and signed by 172 countries. It’s called Agenda 21 because the is the UN and world agenda outlining their plans for sustainability, climate change and population growth in the 21st century. It is now also known as Agenda 30, it’s the same thing basically but means that they plan on having everything in place by 2030.

Agenda 21’s plan is to drive every one in to the cities, the opposite to China’s cultural revolution, so that we all live close to where we work and don’t need to use cars. The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer has just been talking about charging people by the mileage they drive!!!!!!

This will cut pollution substantially of course but the social implications are massive. It also wants to bring the population down by controlling birth rate. This would cause social and economic armageddon. It’s the young that pay the taxes to keep the old in their pensions and they are the ones that work as nurses and doctors to look after the aged. Only the rich and powerful will have any kind of life, you know the ones who run our countries and who are proposing Agenda 21.

So ever since this started I have been shouting ‘it’s all about climate change’ and my first prediction was about the airlines. The UK government keeps putting restrictions on travel to foreign countries making any travellers quarantine when they get back. This has completely devastated the travel and airline industry and I doubt if any actually survive. This is the first part of the plan. Aeroplanes are big polluters and there are 10’s of thousands of flights every day, or rather there were, so it made sense to stop them straight away. Although I bet the great and the good will still be flying in their private jets to their climate change conferences in conveniently warm and luxurious settings.

It looks like the car industry will be next with it becoming far too expensive for anyone to drive, apart from of course the great and the good travelling around in their limousines on now empty roads. If I were you I wouldn’t go buying a big expensive car in the near future. If they do follow through with their plans then you will have a very expensive hunk of metal sat on your drive, including all those non polluting electric cars.

There is also something called the “Great Reset” proposed by the World Economic Forum. This sounds all nice and caring. Totally changing the way the world economy works to end poverty and hunger but if you delve a bit deeper you see how they plan to to do it. One of the headlines from their proposal and where I got the title for this work from is “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”. Well that’s very kind of them, no wait hang on. What does that even mean? And if we don’t own anything who will own everything? Where will my house be that I have worked damn hard to pay a mortgage on? This is all scary stuff and to be honest it keeps me awake at night. This is also where Nicola Sturgeon’s basic wage comes in. Pay us just enough to survive but with that have no private property.

How are they getting away with this you ask? Well it’s simple really, we’re letting them and it seems the majority are actually encouraging them. I believe the government are actually shocked how easy it’s been and how little resistance they have had.

In the past, even in bad flu years such as 1999/2000 and 2010, nobody really bothered about flu. The general feeling was that it’s something old people die from. Nobody wore masks or hid away in their homes or screamed if somebody came within 10 feet of them. They still went to see their elderly grandmother, even if they had a little sniffle. Most of us still went to work with a heavy cold and even if we had flu we would drag ourselves back to work as soon as we were able.

So how did the governments of the world and, the UK from my perspective, convince the people to stay in and wear masks?

You see what they did was make YOU scared. They told you that YOU were going to die if you didn’t lock yourself in and hide behind your sofa singing happy birthday whilst rubbing your whole body in bleach. Even though there was no real evidence for these claims everyone panicked because they’ve now been told that they are personally in danger. We were told how contagious Covid-19 is (no more contagious than flu in reality) and the deadly nature of Covid-19 (again, no more deadly than flu it would seem).

So this is where the selfishness and, sorry Britain, cowardice of the general public took over. We saw it in the shops in March and April and not just in the UK but all over the world. The mass panic buying of basics. Fighting over toilet roll in the aisles of the supermarkets. Shoppers screaming in the faces of supermarket workers to find more stock for them. My wife found a little old lady in the vegetable aisle crying because all the shelves were empty and there was nothing for her to buy for that night’s evening meal whilst big burly men and their obese wives stacked trollies with food that they could never possibly eat before it goes off.

Whilst we are on the subject of supermarkets, may I just salute the supermarket workers around the world who have worked tirelessly during the whole madness that has been happening. No furlough scheme for them. In every day dealing with strangers every day and up until recently without any masks. They have been the true front line. They have kept the UK functioning. They are the true heroes in all of this. Next time you go to the supermarket why not just thank the person on the checkout for what they have done and just a thought, why not discreetly ask them if any of their colleagues got ill with Covid-19. I bet you’ll be hard pushed to find one that says yes.

Other people that have carried on quietly in the background, keeping the country ticking over are the factory workers in the food industry, delivery drivers and many more too numerous to mention. There is one other I would like to mention though and that’s the refuse collectors, the bin men and women. They work in trucks where it is impossible to socially distance from each other. Some routes will have as many as five in a crew, all travelling in the one lorry cab. I haven’t seen any figures but I can bet that very few of them have got ill either. So whilst you’ve been cowering behind your sofa, hyper ventilating into a brown paper bag, watching pathetic tv presenters socially distancing on screen, you’ve still been expecting your bins to be emptied and your food to be delivered because you’re too afraid to go to the supermarket and everything else to keep your world as comfortable as possible, have you even given a thought to these guys?

So because we are now scared for ourselves we now start wearing masks and leaping ten feet into the air if someone comes within 6 feet of us. We have become a nation of snivelling snitches and finger pointers. We tell ourselves that it is to save the NHS and to keep others safe but it’s not. It’s all about saving ourselves and for me, what we saw in the supermarkets proves this.

Now we have to ask, if I’m right about all this, why have the worldwide media not questioned what is happening. For me the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 have all behaved atrociously. They have helped create the panic and keep it going by only broadcasting the news with a negative spin on it. Not once has any tv journalist, I use that word journalist loosely as journalism is now dead, questioned any figures. Even if they did it to dispel any conspiracy theories. There have been marches in many of the major cities in the UK but they never get reported. Once they reported that “a few hundred anti vaccine protestors and conspiracy theorists held a meeting in London”, when actually there was 45 thousand protesting against the lockdown and the destruction of businesses and the economy.

We have to ask ourselves why this is. Why is free speech being suppressed? Why is no major news outlet or journalist asking questions? There must be a TV journalist somewhere with reservations about what is going on.

In the UK there is something called a ‘D Notice’ which the government can issue to suppress any news on certain things, usually security related. I’m just wondering if something like that has happened. Just a thought.

Another thing I have become deeply concerned about is the behaviour of the police. Earlier on in the year we started seeing videos coming out of Australia of the Victoria police behaving, in my eyes, quite brutally to the general public. There was one video of a burly officer of about 6'2" strangling a small woman in the street, and then there was the officer that stamped on a man’s head and put him in a coma. It later turned out I believe that the man had severe learning difficulties.

I watched these videos and thought how disgusting they were but also thought that it couldn’t possibly happen here, well it seems I was wrong. The UK police seem to be quite happy to arrest and in my eyes assault innocent people on the streets of this country.

In the UK we are allowed exemptions on wearing the face masks. If you have an underlying medical issue which you feel prevents you from wearing a mask then you don’t have to wear one. The official UK government website explains that if you declare an exemption you don’t have to get any proof from your doctor, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone and that includes the police although it does advise that out of courtesy it might be easier if you did. Yet despite all this I have seen many videos of people being threatened with arrest if they didn’t leave shops or people being dragged off trains totally against the instructions given by the government. The police seem to be making up the laws themselves. I have seen a video of a man and his wife arrested and in my eyes assaulted in Liverpool for not walking fast enough away from a certain area.

We have to keep a rule of law, even if you may disagree with how people are behaving. If they are within the law then we cannot allow them to be brutalised by people making up their own laws. In the future it may be you disagreeing with something and getting arrested for nothing.

Just to add to that. A few month ago I saw the result of a Freedom Of Information request to the Met Police. The question was how many police officers in the UK had died of Covid-19? Now remember that police officers, due to the nature of their work are working very closely with each other and the general public every day so if anyone will catch it, it will be them. The answer was zero. No deaths from Covid-19 in any UK police force.

For me it is a realisation of how easy it is for a dictatorship to take over. We often vilify the German people of the 1930’s and 1940’s for believing in the Nazi regime and how easy it was for the government to get the general public to turn against minority groups, but this is what’s happening now around the world. Put a person in uniform and give them a bit of power and they seem to lose all perspective and start to make up their own laws. Then with a general public that don’t question and blindly follow like sheep turning a blind eye to what is going on…….. Well, we all know what happens next.

Others that have behaved badly during this time are I’m afraid the NHS. Yes, there you go I said it. The big taboo, don’t slag off the NHS. I have read many twitter feeds from doctors and nurses who have to hide their identity for fear of sacking or worse, claiming that it is at best a huge over reaction. Empty hospitals, sending empty ambulances out on blue light runs just to make the public think that there is a crisis when in reality many nurses have been on short time because there is nothing for them to do. I think the worst is the GPs. They have locked their doors and refused to see anyone. The many people that are now dying from undiagnosed cancers is scandalous yet they still refuse to see patients unless on video. Dentists are refusing to see anyone for routine check ups, unless of course you are private, then they will see you right away. The same can be said about surgeons. They are not doing any NHS surgery but they are doing private operations in NHS hospitals. This has been a scandal for many years in the UK. Private patients being bumped to the top of the NHS waiting lists and then the work being done in NHS hospitals with NHS staff on NHS time. This must be stopped.

When the panic first started to set in in March 2020 a friend of mine in work lost his mother. She had suffered with Alzheimers for many years and sadly lost her fight. When my friend came back to work he told me of his fight with the doctors as they were insisting on registering her death as Covid-19. She didn’t have any symptoms and she hadn’t been tested, I don’t think the tests were available at the time, yet they were still insisting on registering the death as Covid-19. My friend had to threaten them with legal action if they did and that was when they relented. At the same time a friend of my wife’s lost their father who had suffered for many years with Parkinson’s disease. Again no symptoms and no test yet the doctors still tried to register as Covid-19 and the wife had to fight very strongly to stop them doing this. I have heard many other stories of this nature. When the panic first set in the UK emptied all the hospitals of old people and sent them to care homes, thus creating a melting pot of disease. This is where a large amount of the early deaths happened. Families were banned from visiting, the care homes reduced the amount of staff working at any one time due to ‘social distancing’ and I believe though I have no documented evidence to prove this that the GPs refused to enter the care homes to check on these people. As you can imagine there was a lot of deaths and most of these were registered as Covid-19 without any tests being done or examinations made.

Why would doctors do this? I don’t know, laziness, fear maybe, however I do believe there is an element of trying to make the government look bad. I believe, and this is just me thinking out loud, that the doctors thought that if they registered as many deaths as possible as Covid-19 it would destroy the government. Many in the medical community are more left leaning I believe than the supposed right leaning Conservative government. The problem with this is that this is exactly what the government needed. The more deaths the greater the panic. Again the government probably couldn’t believe their luck. This just made their arguments for lockdowns and vaccines all the stronger by creating more fear in the general public.

It has now been announced that public sectors will now have a pay freeze because the UK is basically bankrupt. That’s the thanks they get for helping the government with their great Covid-19 swindle.

So for now, that’s as much as I am going to write. My mental health has taken a huge beating over this and a lot of it is because of the people around me refusing to see what is as plain as day. As Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people to convince them that they have been fooled”. You can’t convince them because “the government couldn’t possibly do anything like that”.

So we face social and financial armageddon. The airline industries have been destroyed and the plane makers with them. Next is the car industry and because of these two the steel industry will die. With so many unemployed more industries will die, especially the more luxury goods which will put more people on the dole.

After that? The basic income and slavery to the government and whoever they say we must follow.

I am truly afraid for the future and the future of my children.

Please take care of yourselves.